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Britney Spears Has Reportedly Quit The X Factor

There was a lot of hype and buzz leading into The X Factor's second season over who would fill the seats vacated by Season 1 judges/mentors Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul. Pop star Britney Spears was one of the replacements, with Demi Lovato filling the other empty chair, but based on rumors and recent reports, Spears is on her way out.

TMZ is reporting that Britney Spears won't be returning as a judge on The X Factor for Season 3. The site says their "unimpeachable sources" say Britney loves the show but is looking to focus on her music going forward, so it sounds like this is her decision. She's reportedly working on her 8th album right now. TMZ also says she's "seriously considering going on tour again" once the album is complete, which may come as some consolation to her fans, who are likely disappointed by her reported departure from The X Factor.

Assuming this is the real deal, Spears would be walking away from a $15 million contract, but if she's serious about her music, moving on from the TV show would likely give her more time to focus on that. It would also mean another major change-up for The X Factor, which saw its ratings slip down a bit in its second season. Spears' exit means the series will have to find another musician to fill her place, and that means more rumors and speculation about who that might be. Will they look for someone high profile (and costly) to take her place? Or will the series take a different approach to casting her replacement since it doesn't seem like bringing in a successful (but pricy) pop star did much to help the show thrive in its second season. It's too soon to say, but we'll have to see what develops from this and whether or not there's any confirmation from Spears, Simon Cowell or Fox about Spears' exit.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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