Bruno Mars' Sisters To Star In Reality Series For WE TV

Bruno Mars did really well with his affable TV hosting appearance on Saturday Night Live a few months ago, and now WE TV is banking on his sibling’s being just as awesome on television. The network is developing an unscripted reality series following Mars' four sisters: Jaime Kailani, Presley, Tahiti and Tiara.

Apparently, the four Hawaiian ladies want to follow in their brother's footsteps in the music biz. The show will be called The Lylas, a title that is named after the girls’ band and should not be confused with L.Y.L.A.S, the band that later became known as Fifth Harmony during the most recent The X Factor competition. The docuseries will follow the girls as they make the big move from Hawaii to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams. This isn’t as unrealistic as it may seem, as the girls are moving to produce their debut album. They have also already put together a single that’s not half bad. You can check out the song, called “Come Back,” below.

According to THR, the unscripted series will be produced by Asylum Entertainment to air on WE TV as part of the networks newly aggressive development slate. If you are unfamiliar with the network, We TV produces plenty of other reality television, including the popular Bridezillas and Braxton Family Values. Hopefully, The Lylas will be a little less dramatic than some of its network counterparts. Three young ladies trying to make it in a tough new environment? Nah, that doesn’t sound like it will produce any drama drama, at all.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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