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Face The Nation with Bob Schieffer currently gets a dismal amount of face time. With commercials, the half-hour Sunday morning program only really gets 21 minutes of information out into the universe each week. The show has considered this unacceptable for years and has pushed for a full hour to little avail. Now, it seems as if CBS has had a change of heart and Christmas has come a little early for the long-running show.

Sunday, Schieffer announced with enthusiasm that Face The Nation will be given a 60-minute timeslot beginning in April.
“I cannot remember when I’ve been happier to break a story than I am to tell you this.”

The extra time may be short-lived, however. CBS only plans to give the show 20 weeks to prove it can manage a full hour of television. The timing should be right: Deadline is reporting Face The Nation will be given a full hour during the summer in order to cover the upcoming political conventions.

I think it’s great Face The Nation is being given the chance to truly compete with hourlong shows like Meet The Press and Fox News Sunday. Regardless, even with the political conventions over the summer, the season can be a tough time for viewers. People go on vacations and people spend more time outside and away from the television, etc. If Schieffer and the crew over at Face The Nation plan to hold on to the full hour timeslot, they will need to be bringing in a slew of extra viewers. So, if you normally take a break from the television but want to ensure Face The Nation stays on with an extra half hour, I’d suggest tuning in.