I was just thinking the other day how we really need another Dog Whisperer-style series on TV. Ok, actually I wasn’t, but apparently someone was, and thanks to CBS, it’s on the way. Dogs in the City comes from Carol Mendelsohn, who apparently has a thing for dog-related projects lately, since she’s executive producing Scent of the Missing, a pilot that features search-and-rescue dogs.

Deadline says CBS has given the greenlight for the unscripted series Dogs in the City, which will feature Justin Silver as the canine guru who deals with behavioral issues and other dog-related problems. Silver is a New York City-based dog trainer, behaviorist and pet care store owner; naturally the city referred to in the title will be New York. Silver is also an entertainer, and since it’s New York, he’s a comedian, of course. He runs a nonprofit called Funny for Fido, which uses yearly comedy shows to raise money for needy animals in the city.

CSI showrunner Mendelsohn has got a number of projects in the works at the moment, including the drama Widow Detective which has a pilot in the works, and the aforementioned search-and-rescue team project Scent of the Missing which stars Tricia Helfer.

CBS has Dogs in the City slotted for a May 30th premiere and will run the series throughout the summer. Can this newcomer live up to the standards of the original Dog Whisperer? The addition of some comedy would certainly make such a show more entertaining, so if he’s a good comedian – which I can’t claim to know – you never know what could come of it.

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