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CBS recently launched "Innertube", their broadband channel for viewing their TV shows online. Innertube offers oodles (yes, I said oodles!) of ad-supported CBS TV programs as well as some made-for-internet programs. On the timeline of network websites offering their programs online, ABC has CBS beat by a short margin but CBS has outdone ABC in a big way. While ABC is currently only offering a handful of their most popular shows (Lost, Desperate Housewives, Alias, Commander in Chief and a Promo), CBS offers a much bigger variety of programs. Best of all, its all free (for now at least)!

You might be thinking, "But there's really not that much that I watch on CBS". There's actually quite a few consistently great TV shows on CBS and now’s your chance to check them out without having to adjust your TV-watching schedule! I’ve compiled a brief list of some of the worth-watching CBS TV shows offered on Innertube.

‘How I Met Your Mother’ – Sitcom – Group of friends in their mid-20’s deal with the transition into grown-uphood. Watch it if only for the hilarious antics of Neil Patrick Harris’ character, Barney.

'Amazing Race' - Reality – Various couples race around the world to win a prize money. Each couple is different (eg. Siblings, married couples, work colleagues, etc)

'Ghost Whisperer' - Drama – Jennifer Love Hewitt stars as a woman with the ability to communicate with the dead. Ghosts come to her and she helps them resolve their issue so they can walk into the light.

'The King of Queens' - Sitcom – an Everybody-Loves-Raymond-style show about a couple living in Queens.

'Survivor' - Reality – Group of people rough-it together on an island while they compete in various challenges in the hopes of being the last man/woman standing.

'CSI' - Drama – Group of forensic scientists attempt to unravel unusual crimes by examining the evidence. The description sounds somewhat dull but the show is actually pretty good in a disposable sort of way (hence all the spin-offs).

There are plenty of other great shows as well, depending on your tastes! You can also watch David Letterman and some of their TV movies through the site.