The Castle Finale's Big Death Wasn't What We Expected

Spoilers for the Castle finale are below. Do not read on if you still need to catch up

Well, fans, Castle has now come to an end. And, since there is no Castle fan who didn’t want Richard Castle and Kate Beckett together, the series finale probably gave a lot of people all of the feels as the show came to a close. After some tense moments, that is.

Along with answering the mystery behind LokSat, Castle’s finale came dangerously close to leaving Caskett with two, possibly mortally, wounded main characters. There was a hail of bullets in the final showdown that led to both Castle and Beckett getting shot, and even though it seemed that series star Stana Katic’s Kate Beckett would bite the bullet since she was no longer going to be a part of the show had it returned for Season 9, but, the showrunners were good to us here. The big death that the episode offered up was actually that of LokSat villain Caleb Brown. In the final moments, the episode flash forwards a whole seven years, showing our formerly wounded super couple still married and with three Caskett children in tow. See? The perfect ending for long-time fans.

Let’s take a look at how the show came to its heartwarming conclusion, shall we? The show opened with Castle, Beckett and Vikram taking the final steps to find LokSat with Caleb’s help. The public defender who claimed to be a former LokSat employee was supposedly leading the team to the Big Bad. Castle and Beckett were hoping to intercept Caleb during a drop for the bad guy, but things, of course, fail to go as planned when a decoy shows up in Caleb’s place. Before they have time to think, they’re forced to take cover from a shower of bullets. Our duo is soon rescued by Mason Wood, who Castle met during his time in Los Angeles.

Caleb, apparently dead in a car fire, has left a clue about LokSat’s right-hand man. That evil insider is pretty quick, too, because when Beckett and Castle split up to protect his family and their team of detective friends, Castle ends up getting kidnapped by him and drugged by another mystery man, Mr. Flynn. Mason then comes in and reveals himself to be LokSat. Castle eventually escapes and rescues Beckett from being tossed into an incinerator, while she returns the favor by taking Mason out.

When Castle and Beckett are finally at home later and going over the details of the showdown, Caleb bursts in and tells them he is the real LokSat. Then everyone shoots and Caleb, finally, dies. Well, you really can’t beat that ending when you throw in the fact that we know our Caskett is alive, well and happy in the future, can you? If you need something to watch now that Castle is over (sniff), check out our summer television schedule.

Adrienne Jones
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