Nathan Fillion Had The Best Reaction To Castle's Cancellation

For the first time since 2009, actor Nathan Fillion will be without the show that turned the fan favorite actor into a TV mainstay, as ABC decided to cancel Castle just as Season 8 is coming to a close. Unsurprisingly, the social media clown had the best possible reaction to his show going off the air.

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Outstanding! You can always count on Nathan Fillion to earn a couple of laughs from just about everything he posts on Twitter, and his public sentiments about losing his day job are no exception. It’s pretty practical behavior as well, since the best thing to do after getting canned is to try and find a different gig as quickly as possible, at least for people who don’t make beaucoup money from being on TV. Fillion can probably hang back for a little while before his bank starts growing cobwebs. I wonder if he made any money from that Season 9 contract that doesn’t matter anymore.

And you’ll notice how he is calling out “directors” there, and not “TV showrunners” or even a more generic “producers.” If you’re talking to directors then you’re talking about movies, so is this joke a fair implication that Nathan Fillion is trying to boost his big screen credentials now that he isn’t tethered to seasonal filming schedules? I don’t know anyone who would complain about that, and the actor is currently tapped for a role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and he’ll be heard in the fantasy Yamasong: March of the Hollows and the supervillain animated movie Henchmen. It can only get better from here, right?

Not that Fillion was only calling out directors to heed his words for his post-Castle career. He also asked a favor from his loving fanbase.

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If there’s any actor in Hollywood who doesn’t really have to worry about being typecast, it’s Nathan Fillion, because people are just going to let him play any role however he wants. (That’s how it happens, right?) There is one character he’ll be reprising in the future, as the web series Con Man that he stars in with creator (and former Firefly co-star) Alan Tudyk was recently renewed for Season 2, which will move from Vimeo to the recently established site Comic-Con HQ.

Of course, Fillion did have some legitimate thoughts behind the cancellation, first tweeting thanks to his Castle crew and how honored he was to have worked with them. His co-star Stana Katic also shared some kind words about her time on the show. Don’t forget to tune into the Castle series finale on ABC on Monday night to see how Rick and Beckett fare.

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