The Chicago Fire Cliffhanger Just Got Answered, Here's How

If you’re a fan of Chicago Fire then you know that the series had quite a nerve wracking Season 4 finale last week, which left us all wondering who among our favorites might be in bad shape next season, or even not be around for very long in Season 5 at all. Well, thanks to some casting news, we know that everything will be, basically, OK for both Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd. Actress Miranda Rae Mayo, who plays Kidd, was upgraded to series regular for Season 5 of Chicago Fire.

The last few moments of the finale saw Severide and Kidd return to her studio apartment after the funeral of Jimmy Borelli’s fallen firefighter brother, and begin to relieve the stress of the last few days by stripping off each other’s uniforms and heading for her bedroom to knock some (fire) boots. The couple was completely unaware of the presence of Kidd’s shiftless, wanna be rock star, drug-using ex-husband, who was just a few feet away, hiding in the dark in her living room. But, that’s not even all the drama there. The kicker is that her ex had just jumped ship from the hospital after a drug overdose, and was awaiting her return while holding onto a giant butcher knife. Talk about a way to kill the mood.

Miranda Rae Mayo made her screen debut on a 2011 episode of Law & Order: LA and has gone on to build quite a resume for herself in television. She’s also appeared on The Game, Pretty Little Liars, Days of Our Lives, True Detective and Blood & Oil. She first appeared on Chicago Fire after this year’s mid-season hiatus was over.


Stella Kidd came on at Firehouse 51 after a union rule forced Jimmy out as a firefighter and into a position as one of the house’s paramedics. Kidd is his replacement on Truck 81, and was quickly revealed to be an old friend of Dawson’s and to have had a previous possibly romantically entangled history with Severide. During her short time at the firehouse, Kidd has cemented her friendship with Dawson, (obviously) rekindled her relationship with Severide and managed to become a tried and true member of the house. Even though she got Hermann to invest in a crazily specialized ice maker for Molly’s which came close to burning the place down.

Well, now that the big Chicago Fire Season 4 cliffhanger is solved, all we have to do is wonder how, exactly, the confrontation between Kidd, Severide and her nutty ex-husband is going to go down.

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