Few cases have ever captured the public’s imagination quite the same way as the 1892 murders of Andrew and Abby Borden. After each was murdered and nearly decapitated by a series of axe blows, suspicion quickly fell on Andrew’s daughter Lizzie. She had a contentious relationship with both her father and stepmother that was only exacerbated Andrew killed her prized birds and gave away much of their holdings to his wife’s family. She was ultimately acquitted in a media circus of a trial unlike any criminal proceedings of its time. To this day, the case is still discussed in documentaries, new books and television shows. Now HBO is putting together what they hope will be the formative mini-series on the case.

According to Deadline, Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman are producing the event as a starring vehicle for Big Love actress Chloe Sevigny. She’s been the force behind the project from the start and should be perfect as the strange, mentally unhinged daughter so many are convinced brutally ended two lives.

It’s unclear just how much of Lizzie’s life the mini-series might portray, but after being acquitted, she moved in with her sister and had several very public spats, ultimately leading to a complete severance of communication. Four hours may seem like a long project, but with so much hoopla surrounding the murders themselves, the project may be best served by limiting itself to the time before, during and just after the murders. We’ll see which direction Bryce Kass’ script takes.

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