Comedy Central Uses Futurama Meme For Season 7 Tease, Not Sure If...

Futurama is one of the most recent resurrection success stories. However, unlike its animated Fox counterpart Family Guy, the science fiction cartoon didn't return to the same network but instead landed at Comedy Central for its triumphant sixth season. And it seems to have worked out wonderfully for everyone since the network saw fit to renew Futurama for Season 7 and finally we have our first tease for the upcoming season. One that cleverly uses its own virality as beginning of this year's promotional push. Take a look.

So. That was a little bit of a different approach to advertising but certainly smart. Sure, the tease showed absolutely no footage from the upcoming season of the animated series from Matt Groening and David X. Cohen but it did capitalize on one of the more popular memes of the last while. If you care to know more about the Futurama meme and it's many, many, many incarnations - always that image, and usually containing the 'not sure if...' - you can visit its page on Know Your Meme. Personally, I think the ad's type is one of the best ones yet.

Now. Back to the important news which is the return of the best animated program on television (or at least one that can give FX's Archer a run for its money). As the tease notes, this season will kick off this summer and, same as the sixth, will also be split into two different runs. 7A will start in June and consisting of 13 episodes while the second half of the season, 7B, will be another 13 commencing on Comedy Central in 2013. The Futurama Season 7 premiere is titled "A Farewell to Arms," and parodies the Mayan 2012 end of the world myth only, well, this time it's 3012 and we're not entirely certain what ancient society made the prophecy this time. Probably ours.

The seventh season of Futurama premieres Wednesday, June 20 at 10 p.m. ET on Comedy Central. It stars Billy West, Katey Sagal and John DiMaggio.