The Hollywood Reporter, if they do anything right (this is not to say that they do so much wrong...), it's these really interesting roundtable videos that feature actors, writers and directors at the top of their game sitting down to shoot this shit about their craft. This latest installment, in anticipation of the Emmys, features the top comedy showrunners working today.

I was fascinated watching the pre-Oscar roundtables with the various nominees in their respective categories (directors, actors, writers, etc.) talking candidly about the trials and tribulations of being an artist in an industry primarily concerned with making money.

This newest roundtable features various comedy showrunners from all over the tv spectrum (Steve Levitan of Modern Family, Jenny Bicks of The Big C, Bill Prady of The Big Bang Theory, Liz Brizius of Nurse Jackie, Mike Schur of Parks and Recreation and Dan Harmon of Community). It's not only an interesting video to watch, but these people craft comedy for a living, so there are definitely more than a few laughs to be had while watching (especially from Dan Harmon).

Here's a taste of the discussion (where they focus on the Charlie Sheen drama for a few minutes) but you can find the full video on THR as well as the first looks at the drama showrunners and actress roundtable videos.

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