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Community Creator Dan Harmon Feuding With Chevy Chase

Community's Chevy Chase has been brilliant in the role of tactless, casually racist moist-towelette tycoon Pierce Hawthorne, but the show has struggled with his character in one specific area: how unlikable can you make him before he stops being funny and viewers just genuinely hate him? Based on reports coming from the Community set, it seems like Pierce's likability issues may be carrying over to the actor who plays him, because apparently Chase and executive producer Dan Harmon are engaged in a bitter feud.

Word of the on-set troubles comes by way of Deadline, who explain that Chase has been difficult before, but this current sparring match began with Chase allegedly walking off the set last month before they were finished shooting his scenes for the season finale. Harmon let Chase know how he felt at the show's wrap party, where Harmon supposedly delivered a "Fuck you, Chevy" speech in front of the assembled cast and crew, as well as Chase's wife and daughter. In retaliation, Chase left an angry message on Harmon's voicemail. That message found its way online, and you can hear part of it right here (very NSFW).

There's no word on how this butting of heads between Harmon and Chase will affect the show if it gets renewed for a fourth season. That decision still hasn't been made, although the show's solid ratings since its return from hiatus have definitely increased the show's odds. If the show does go forward without Chase, it will be shame, but hardly a death blow. There's more than enough funny to compensate for the departure of Pierce. If things don't improve behind the scenes, don't be surprised if Pierce falls down an elevator shaft sometime before the next season premiere.