There’s good news and not-so-good news on the subject of Community’s ratings. The good news is, ratings are up for the series, which unfortunately, won’t be back for midseason. The less than good news is that the ratings were still below average, which is unfortunate, considering how great the episode was.

Last night’s Community had Dean Pelton trying to re-do the Greendale Community College commercial. Not only did the episode include an appearance by the excellent Luis Guzman, but it also feature an amazing ’90’s version of the former Greendale commercial at the start of the episode. (Insert enthusiastic thumbs-up here).

According to Entertainment Weekly, the series’ numbers were up, bringing in 3.6 million viewers, which marks a 7 percent increase in ratings. Of course, the downside is that even with the slight boost in viewers, Community was still the second lowest-rated show on TV, beating out what sounds like a very-Regis episode of 20/20.

?Where were all the TV viewers who weren’t watching Community? Probably watching the The Big Bang Theory. The CBS comedy, which airs against Community took in 14.8 million viewers, which appears to have won the night for TV. Maybe Community would do a little bit better if it weren’t up against what is clearly the most popular comedy series on Thursday nights (and quite possibly all of TV) right now.

You can read Eric’s thoughts on last night’s Community episode here or enjoy “Documentary Filmmaking: Redux” in all of its glory below.

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