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Will Community Be Saved? Latest Reports Bring Bad News

Considering myself an optimist by nature, I'd be happy to report news that gave us some hope that Community might see its sixth season and a movie. Unfortunately, that's not what we're hearing. Multiple sources are reporting quite the opposite, in fact. It sounds like Netflix is out for reviving the show, and series creator Dan Harmon is reportedly ready to move on to other projects. If you'd rather remain blindly hopeful, read no further. The darkest timeline may actually be upon us.

Following word that NBC was canceling Community -- and further confirmation in the form of NBC's Communityless 2014-2015 official lineup -- comes a report from Variety that Netflix isn't in negotiations for the series, though it sounds like Netflix customer service people have been patiently fielding live-chats from dedicated Community Redditors trying to persuade the streaming video service to give Community the Arrested Development treatment. Maybe someday Netflix will. It took a decade to get AD back, after all. But for the time being, according to the Netflix rep Variety spoke with, there are no plans to make that happen.

Moving on to more bad news, Deadline's sources say there are "no such plans" to shop Community around to try to get it picked up elsewhere. The site vaguely notes that there is "incoming interest in reviving the Sony TV-produced show from a suitor" but the site goes on to say that this deal is unlikely to happen. Deadline then notes that their sources say showrunner Dan Harmon is ready to move on to other projects, including his Adult Swim animated comedy Rick & Morty, which is moving forward with a second season.

So unfortunately, Community's prospects for Season 6 aren't looking good at all right now. And yet, I can't help but feel some vague sense of hope that this series will be back some day. Community seems like the perfect series to do a reunion season a few years from now, thanks to the path paved by Arrested Development. Hopefully it won't take a decade to make it happen. I'd rather it be something more like 24, where an event series is planned a few years later, to qualify for Season 6, and then the ridiculous R-rated movie that brings it all home, with blanket forts and paintball wars and complete Greendale mayhem. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

On the bright side...ish, looking at the situation as it stands now, five seasons and no movie, Community did manage to survive five seasons, which is much more than can be said for a lot of NBC comedies these days, and it saw Dan Harmon returned to his rightful place as showrunner for the final season, which gave Community one last great run, which seems to be its final, at least for now.

On the subject of NBC comedies, the Peacock did confirm today that they're bringing Parks and Recreation back, but noted that it will be its final season.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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