Senior year approaches for the Greendale Community study-group! And for fans of the NBC comedy series, Community returns in a matter of weeks. While we may be more than ready for the show to finally return for a new season, based on the clips for the premiere, not all of the characters are prepared to start their last year of college.

Among the recent teasers for Season 4 is the sneak peek video that showed us a lot of whacky moments in store. The latest clips focus directly on the challenge at hand: senior year. This first clip is brief, but suggests that maybe Abed's not totally ready to start senior year.

Am I wrong to love Britta's smarty-pants glasses? In other news, Abed seems overwhelmed by the prospect of the last-first day of school.

Annie's another one who doesn't seem ready as she maps out her future to Shirley.

Annie's anxiety aside, what on earth are they doing with that popcorn? Is there a Real Genius homage in the works? Because as much as I'm not ready for the Greendale study group to start on their senior year, I can definitely get behind a popcorn prank.

Community returns Thursday, February 7 at 8:00 p.m. ET on NBC.

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