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Could Dan Harmon Return To Community For Season 5?

We're existing in a timeline when Arrested Development has returned for a new season after nearly a decade off the air, so why couldn't this also be the timeline that brings Dan Harmon back to Community for another season? If that were the case, then Season 4 could be seen as a dream. Not a bad dream so much as one of those dreams where you didn't realize you were asleep until you woke up and you were kind of relieved just to have reality back. I'm almost afraid to get my hopes up that this should be the case. Harmon has reportedly hinted that he's been approached to come back to the NBC comedy.

Per TVLine, via a report from someone at, via a staffer who was at a taping of Harmon's Harmontown podcast, the Community creator let slip that he was invited back to Community for Season 5. From what's being reported, Harmon initially asked the podcast crew to cut that part from the recording, but then shrugged it off and said, "Ah, f--k it. I don't care who knows!"

The actual podcast has yet to be released so we don't know exactly what Harmon said, nor is it clear if he's been asked to return as showrunner or as consulting producer. The latter of which was the title he was offered - but refused - when they demoted him after Season 3. Harmon also said something about not wanting to return unless Chase was asked back too. It's very possible that part was a joke, as the two were known to not get along, but it's also possible he was being serious. Even if he doesn't get along with Chase, he may want the whole band back together if he decides to come back.

None of this has been confirmed by Sony Pictures or NBC yet, so all we can really do right now is speculate and cross our fingers. We learned earlier this month that Community would be back for Season 5. At that time, I approached the news optimistically, as a fan of the show who plans to stick with it, though I do understand why fans have complained about the recent season. It hasn't been the same without Harmon at the helm. If anything, Season 4 coasted on the fumes of the previous seasons, but definitely had its moments. With that said, it could certainly stand to have Harmon back, putting more of the heart and originality back into the series. So let's hope this turns out to be true and that Harmon's willing to return. Six seasons and a movie!

Kelly West
Kelly West

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