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When you hear something like, "24 is coming back without Jack Bauer involved," you get a little itchy on the back of your neck, and you start cursing at everything that moves in your periphery. But now that Fox has released the first trailer for the spinoff 24: Legacy, most of that wary doubt has been put into a chokehold and then dropkicked out of a moving bus. This shit looks hype.
Leading man status has shifted from a gravel-voiced Kiefer Sutherland to a mentally scarred Corey Hawkins as Eric Carter, an Army Ranger whose most recent mission involved taking out a major terrorist. And then things go wrong when that terrorist's underlings manage to track down Eric's Ranger squad despite their federal relocation into supposed anonymity, which absolutely disrupts Eric's adjustment back to civilian life with his family. And these guys aren't using prank phone calls and namecalling to get their revenge. They're bringing some major mayhem.

As seen above, the mission was put forth by Rebecca Ingram (Homeland's Miranda Otto), the former CTU head who left the post to focus more on a potential role as First Lady with her candidate husband and senator John Donovan, the always amazing Jimmy Smits. But now that the shit has re-hit the fan, Rebecca starts to rethink her decision to exit the action-filled life that she loved.

Sure, this doesn't have any characters that we know from the flagship 24 series, but it's got all the familiar beats that everyone is expecting. Rapid-paced action, high-stakes narrative, high-pitched beeps and, of course, the split screen.

24: legacy

Having Jack Bauer or anyone else show up in this trailer would have diminished the intensity of everything that was happening, so it's good that we got a completely fresh first look at the new show. And judging by this loud and explosive trailer, I gotta say I'm so much more down with spending a half-day with it than I expected. Plus, if Sutherland does reappear at some point after the pilot, I won't be reporting it to the president. Incidentally, Sutherland is actually going to play the POTUS on another show.

24: Legacy will premiere on Fox on Sunday, February 5, 2017, which just so happens to be Super Bowl Sunday, and it will then shift to its normal Monday timeslot on February 6. Check out everything else coming to Fox over the next year in this handy schedule, and you'll find everything premiering over the next few months with our summer schedule.
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