Next Spring, Syfy and Trion will bring Defiance to our televisions and video gaming consoles. While there are still months to wait for the science fiction story to make its debut in TV and game form, Syfy has offered us a glimpse of the game and TV show with a new trailer. Check it out ahead.

Set on earth in the future, Defiance comes from Kevin Murphy (showrunner) and stars Grant Bowler, Julie Benz and Jaime Murray. The series follows humans and aliens as they attempt to coexist together in a Missouri town called Defiance, after a universal war. This trailer debuted during the season premiere of Syfy's special effects make-up competition series Face Off, which is fitting considering some of the characters in Defiance aren't exactly human, and will likely require a bit of special effects make-up to give them a proper alien look.

We only get a few quick glimpses of the game and the TV show, but if the trailer sells one thing, it's lots of action.

We got to sit with the cast at Comic Con last month, and it sounds like Syfy's going out on a limb here in trying to make a video game and TV show that share a story. But for those of us who aren't gamers, but are in the market for a good science fiction drama (or those who are too busy playing video games to watch TV), it sounds like the game and the series can be enjoyed separately.

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