Details On Matt Damon's Entourage Cameo

It looks like Matt Damon is out to get into Entourage lead character Vince’s wallet come the end of the sixth season of the series. Spoilers ahead on Damon’s cameo in the season finale of HBO’s Entourage!

TV Guide posted some details on Matt Damon’s appearance in the season finale of Entourage, which is set to air on October 4th. Apparently, Damon spoke with Exec-producer Doug Ellin on appearing in the show and having the cameo have something to do with his charity One By One, which helps kids all over the world. From the comments made by some of the Entourage stars, it sounds like Damon will run into Vince (Adrian Grenier) at the airport and encourage him to donate “more than he should” to his charity. Grenier said “Vince becomes intimidated by his intensity.”

Anyone else loving the idea of an overly enthusiastic Damon bullying Vince into writing a check with a few too many zeroes? Also mentioned in TV Guide’s article was that bascketball star Lebron James will be in the finale and shares a scene with Damon.

Kelly West
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