A Dexter Reunion Will Happen On Limitless

Dexter may have ended, but that has not stopped one network from pairing up some of our favorite actors from the serial killer drama. Quinn and Deb will be together again! Well, sort of, as actor Desmond Harrington is joining former co-star Jennifer Carpenter in CBS' Limitless.

Harrington – also known for his recent work on Astronaut Wives Club – has been cast on Limitless, based on the Bradley Cooper film of the same name, which will revolve around a new character named Brian Sinclair (Jake McDorman), who uses abilities endowed by a powerful brain-enhancing drug called NZT to solve crimes for the FBI. He will appear as a guest star, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and will portray Casey Rooks, an FBI agent with impressive combat skills and a disdain for Brian’s apparent ease at learning said skills. And perhaps most importantly for Dexter fans, he'll also have romantic feelings towards his boss: FBI Agent Rebecca Harris (Carpenter).

From the sound of things, it appears that Rooks is set to oscillate between investigating his suspicions of Brian’s seemingly impossible abilities, and keeping his infatuation for Agent Harris a secret. Although only slated as a guest appearance thus far, the dynamic between Rooks, Sinclair and Harris could end up proving to be one of the most engaging elements of the show, so we can hopefully expect him to return in a larger capacity at some point. Harrington’s character opens up potential for storylines that take Limitless beyond a run of the mill police procedural, and could help get it off the ground.

Harrington’s casting will reunite him with Carpenter for the first time since they appeared together on the hit Showtime series Dexter. Similar to Limitless , Harrington portrayed Joey Quinn, a Miami cop who was -- once again – a love interest to Carpenter’s Debra Morgan.

At this stage, it remains unclear if the actors' history played any role in the decision to repeat the dynamic once shared by these two actors, but smart money is on that being a distinct possibility. Regardless of the impetus behind the casting choice, the known chemistry between them – and subsequently their respective characters – will likely feel natural, and will surely excite any viewers who happened to watch Dexter on a weekly basis.

Limitless will premieres September 22 on CBS, with Harrington’s appearance slated for the fifth episode of the season.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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