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Disney Axes The Jonas Brothers

Conan O'Brien may be able to draw roughly four million viewers and be considered a success, but they expect a little more from a show over on the Disney channel. Apparently, Jonas: LA's 3.7 million an episode average just wasn't cutting it, and the network has decided to pull the plug. It seems like only a few years ago everything was all Jonas, all the time, but with oldest brother Kevin pushing twenty-five, it seems the kiddies have at least partially soured on the handsomest trio of pop star brothers since Hanson.

According to TV Guide, the network is still open to working with the Jonas' in the future, but as for right now, a concrete follow-up has not been planned. This really shouldn't come as a huge shock. Nick released a solo album last year, Joe has been trying his hand at acting, and worst of all, Kevin went off and got married. No shot at the sacred bonds of love, but being married is a good way to lose connection with a tween.

No word yet on when the boys might take another run at adolescent superstardom, but it wouldn't surprise me if this band no longer existed in five years. It all depends on how Nick and Joe do on their own. If their solo work helps build an older audience, there would seem to be little reason to hook back up to please a rapidly aging fanbase becoming increasingly more interested in boys they actually know.

Mack Rawden

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