Given the way things ended for Tara on Sons of Anarchy in Season 5 - major spoilers if you aren't caught up! - it's not entirely surprising to hear word that Drea de Matteo is returning to the series, yet again. Wendy is coming back, and considering her last run-in with Jax, I'm thinking tension will be at an all time high when she returns.

TVLine reported the news, stating that de Matteo, who plays Jax's ex and the mother to his eldest son, will return to the series for its anticipated sixth season. If you recall, Wendy popped up last season, clean and sober and looking to reinsert herself in her son's life by any means necessary, including causing problems for Jax if it meant getting him to cooperate. Jax took care of the situation by shooting her up with heroin in an effort to ruin her chances at any kind of custody case.

But with Tara being hauled off in handcuffs at the end of last season, perhaps Wendy has another shot at being the mom she was never previously able to be.

We're supposed to be Team Jax and Tara, right? But from what Sons creator Kurt Sutter said to TVLine, it sounds like maybe Wendy's life lessons have given her the experience she needs to be the better parent right now. “She’s the only one that’s hit bottom and had to do some work on herself,” he continued. “And now she has some self-awareness, which none of those guys do.”

It's an interesting perspective on the matter. I'll be especially impressed and optimistic about Wendy's progress if it turns out she managed to get back on the wagon and stay there after what Jax did to her. We'll have to wait and see what happens when the FX series returns for Season 6 this fall.

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