All things considered, one would assume that Scandal star Kerry Washington would be the most excited person in the promotional videos for her hosting stint on Saturday Night Live, but you'd be wrong. It’s in fact her musical guest star, the ever-effusive, rapping wind-up toy come to life, Eminem, that has overdosed on the glee.

“This is fun!” cast member Nasim Pedrad exclaims, “Are you having fun?”

Washington shoots back a bubbly "Of course!" before the King of Nice (said by no one, maybe ever) Eminem is posed the same question. And in true Marshall Mathers style, he bounds across the stage, twirling and singing and giggling uncontrollably, tossing flower petals as he skips around his two female companions. “But of course, my dearest Nasim! Oh you are a tiddlywink. This is like Christmas day but funner!”

Ha, juuuuuust kidding. This is Eminem we’re talking about, after all: stoic-yet-angry poker face is the name of the game. Not a word, movement, sign of life or emotion scrawls across Eminem’s face before Pedrad awkwardly adds, "Two of us are having fun!" Clearly, the rapper has his bitchface game on lock.

Luckily for us all, it seems Eminem’s soft spot for cupcakes gets him in the end. It’s a hilarious use of deadpanning that shows he’s just as in on the gag as everyone else. And honestly, a relief to see.

The recently revealed to be pregnant Washington, star of Shonda Rhimes’ soapy semi-ode to The West Wing , has been tapped to host this week’s show — her first time — making her only the 9th black woman to host the sketch comedy stalwart. Ever. And considering the hell week Olivia Pope’s had on the hit ABC series (always hard when, spoiler alert, you find out the love of your life maybe killed your mom at the request of your father), we’re happy to see her spirits high and set to have a good time rather than an anxiety-stricken, stress-inducing, life-altering one. I mean, have you seen the preview’s for next week’s episode, “ Icarus ” yet? Sheesh.

During her Thursday night appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Washington quipped, “It’s a total dream come true, especially coming from New York. It’s a New York institution. I'm really excited.”

Earlier in the week, King of The Rising SNL Stars, Taran Killam also got in on the promotional action, creating scandalous scenarios for himself and the I'm-not-entirely-convinced-she-isn't-just-actually Olivia Pope. And even though Washington gives him a hard no (she was recently married to NFL star Nnamdi Asomugha), something tells us Killam’s own spouse, How I Met Your Mother’s Cobie Smulders, would totally be down for the comedic benefits of a three-way marriage. Every argument, quandary, or disagreement would be “handled” in only the Pope-iest of ways. Stressful but successful!

Saturday Night Live with Kerry Washington and Eminem airs this Saturday, November 2, at 11:35 p.m. ET/PT.

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