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Empire Wants These Huge Stars For Season 2

Fox’s Empire has brought in huge ratings since it first began airing this winter. Beyond attracting large audiences, the show has already enticed a fair share of celebrity guest stars to appear in the series. Hole’s Courtney Love has already shown up on the series, and more big names have been added for Season 1. Now, executive producer Lee Daniels has revealed he’s already thinking ahead and has some big names in mind for Season 2, including none other than a-list actor Denzel Washington.

Recently, Daniels was speaking out about Empire’s upcoming guest stars with EW when he revealed he would like to see a-list actor Denzel Washington guest star on the popular drama. He also dreams about having musician and Hunger Games actor Lenny Kravitz appear.

It’s about [Washington’s] schedule. I’ve got to lure him in with my fishhook, but he is really a great support of the show and Lenny Kravitz is going to be on the show, hopefully. We’re going to make sure we try and create a storyline for him.

Getting Denzel to appear on a TV series sounds like wishful thinking, but Lee Daniels actually has a pretty good relationship with the actor, and is friends with the man in real life. Beyond this, Empire is not exactly your average TV series. The show was popular from the start, and is enough of a draw, ratings-wise to make a guest appearance a big deal. Obviously, Washington might not be particularly interested in appearing on a TV series, but if he does decide to take a TV role, Empire wouldn’t be the worst show to pop up in.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, Lenny Kravitz is an ideal fit. The singer and songwriter has lately turned to a career in acting, appearing in the first two Hunger Games franchise films. More importantly, he also appeared in Lee Daniels’ The Butler, so Daniels should have a good idea of what to expect from Kravitz. And he’s not such a huge acting name that he would immediately turn down an offer to appear on a TV series.

Even if Daniels manages to nab his dream stars, it will still be a while before we see them on the small screen. In the meantime, Empire still has plenty of celebrities up its sleeve. Former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson has signed on for a 3-episode arc as a therapist character on the series. Additionally, Rita Ora and Patti LaBelle are scheduled to play themselves on the series, which centers around the music studio Empire Enterprises.

The best news? Empire has already been picked up for a second season on Fox, so Daniels’ Season 2 dreams are not necessarily premature. In the meantime, there are still plenty of Empire Season 1 episodes left.

You can catch Fox’s Empire on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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