Family Guy Gets Biblical For Jesus, Mary And Joseph Christmas Episode

Jesus, Mary and Joseph! It's almost Christmas! With Thanksgiving having past, we're now headed toward the holiday season, and for TV, that means special holiday-themed episodes. Family Guy is no exception to that. We have some photos from this year's Christmas episode, which shows the Griffins pulled from their usual setting and recast in some classic roles.

In "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!," which is set to air Sunday, December 16 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT, Peter will tell his own version of the Nativity story. That description helps make sense of these images, which show some familiar faces set in a biblical background, complete with camels, kings, angels, mangers and Lois with a set of jugs. Water jugs, that is. Like the kind you use to gather water from a well.

It looks like Peter is Joseph and Lois is Mary (and Meg is the donkey!), so does that mean we should expect a Stewie-Jesus on the way? That much isn't spoiled in the photos, so fans will just have to tune in for Family Guy in a couple of weeks when "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!" airs.

Kelly West
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