FX has been prepping to air the new drama Fargo for some time, now. We’ve already seen an excellent teaser trailer featuring a body barely buried in the snow, and we get a similar scene with the latest from the network. Called “Enchanted Highway,” the new teaser features one of those oddball roadside attractions that can only be found off of desolate highways in the middle of nowhere in the U.S. Creepy roadside attractions are rarely popular places, making the one in the teaser the perfect place for a body dump. Probably they should have called the preview “Not So Enchanted Highway.”

It took some time for Fargo to go from concept to creation. The show was initially pitched to networks way back in the fall of 2012. FX eventually bid on the series and won the rights to air the drama, hiring on a slew of well-known names to star in what is set up as a 10-episode limited series. Billy Bob Thornton was the first big actor to sign on, and he was followed by the likes of Colin Hanks and, more recently, the Comedy Central duo of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. Sherlock and The Hobbit’s Martin Freeman will also star in the series as Lester, a man whose life grows a little topsy-turvy after a mysterious stranger appears in his small town.

We’ve seen plenty of snow and shots of police officers working in the area, which may have led you and other viewers like you to believe Fargo will be a lot like the 1996 film of the same name the Coen Brothers put together. While the limited series might have the same sort of tone, it should be pretty dissimilar to the original film. Which means we may not get moments like this one…

Still, the Coen Brothers are on board to executive produce the drama, and it will hopefully have plenty of dark humor just like the original. (The teaser trailers do seem to have the same sort of humor, which is a good thing.) Differences include a brand new cast of characters, the aforementioned addition of the comedy duo, and some FBI guys looking to track down Thornton’s character, Lorne Malvo. Oh yeah, and the series is set in a small Minnesota town rather than the more famous one in North Dakota, making the title a little a little dysfunctional.

Fargo is slated to hit FX’s schedule next month. The network hasn’t announced a premiere time, yet, but fans should expect to see the show on the schedule during primetime on April 15.

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