The caption that comes with FX's latest Fargo teaser invites us to come to Fargo this April. April! As exciting as it is that the series appears to be on track to arrive this Spring, those of us in cooler climates aren't likely to be all that eager for more cold. There's also the matter of the dead body on the side of the road there... assuming that nose is attached to the face of someone not breathing. Who really knows, right? (Nose humor. Too soon?)

But what's even better than the totally chilly, creepy factor in this teaser is the nod to the film on which this series is loosely based. Snowy roads are kind of a familiar sight from the 1996 film, going back to the opening scene...

And this isn't the first teaser for Noah Hawley's Fargo series, nor is it the first to offer a nod to the Coen Brothers' excellent movie. The previously shared teaser shows us Billy Bob Thornton scraping ice off his windshield...

Which seems like a pretty direct nod to that excellent scene from the original film, where William H. Macy's Jerry Lundegaard comes out of the meeting with his father-in-law and takes his anger out on his scraper...

I know it's morbid but I kind of want a wood-chipper teaser.

As we said, this TV series is only loosely based on the film. FX's 10-episode limited series isn't set up as a remake or a sequel. It is set in Minnesota and we'll hopefully see some dark humor, along with a lot of snow and crime. But the characters will be different, as the show stars Martin Freeman as Lester, a man whose life is changed when he meets a mysterious stranger who comes to town. Speaking of humor, yesterday, we learned that Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele -- better known as Key and Peele of the Comedy Central series by the same name -- have signed on to play FBI partners who become obsessed with tracking down Billy Bob Thornton's character Lorne Malvo. Given their background in comedy, we'll hopefully see some humor on their end of the story.

With the series set to arrive April 15, we'll hopefully start to see some more footage from the drama, or at the very least, a full trailer. In the meantime, check out the creepy winter sweater pattern FX has set up on their Fargo webpage.

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