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Fear The Walking Dead Trailer Is Stirring And Dramatic

The AMC Walking Dead prequel series has been a topic of much conversation. Up to this point we’ve known very little about the series. We've been able to gather some info about the setting and characters but all officially given was a brief teaser. Luckily San Diego Comic-Con brings us lots of answers to these sorts of questions and once again they have not disappointed. We’ve now got our first serious look at the series, and we know when it’s coming to air. Check out the first official full trailer for Fear The Walking Dead.

It's certainly an interesting trailer. While we knew Fear was going to center on a family on the west coast of the US during the initial stages of the walker outbreak, we’ve now got our first good look at the people who make up said family and the environment they live in. We've traded the forest for an urban jungle and our ragtag group of strangers for something that at least resembles a family.

We’re so early in the outbreak that even after one of our characters sees it, nobody else believes him. It’s hard to tell if everything we’re looking at here is from the pilot, or multiple episodes of the first season. If this is all from the first hour of the show, then quite a lot is going to happen in episode one.

The other thing, which is not unexpected, but is certainly different than the current series, is that there's a significant lack of guns. The cops have them to be sure (there are cops, so there's another difference) but civilization hasn't broken down to the point that everybody just starts running around shooting each other. The tension in Fear looks to come from a very different place as there will not be a lot of fighting the walkers, rather there will be a lot of running. Fear the Walking Dead indeed.

It actually goes a long way to explain the shows somewhat odd title. One of the taglines associated with The Walking Dead has been "Fight the dead, fear the living." It looks like the new series will be very much be focused on the man vs zombie struggle which is more common in traditional living dead stories. All of the living will be panicking, so our lead family won't have to fear them, at least not at first. Time will tell how long that lasts.

We also finally have an official series premiere date. Fear the Walking Dead hits AMC for its six episode Season 1 on August 23. If it turns out to be great, don't worry, Season 2 is already ordered.

Dirk Libbey

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