Felicity Huffman To Master Disguises In Boomerang Pilot

William H. Macy’s other half, Felicity Huffman, has been away from the TV realm for less than a year. Her last series, Desperate Housewives, was an iconic program on ABC and her character, Lynette Scavo, will always stand out as one of the highlights of the series. No one wants to simply fade out after an epic TV show has ended and Huffman has already signed on for a dramatic role in Fox’s new pilot, Boomerang.

In Boomerang, Huffman will star as Margie Hamilton, a mother and careerwoman. It’s her career that is particularly interesting, as Deadline is reporting her character is a spy, as well as a “master of disguise.” Honestly, that latter description just reminds me of Dana Carvey in a turtle suit, but I’m assuming Huffman’s character will be more into wigs and fake professions in her daily work.

Davey Holmes is writing the project, which will follow a family of spies and assassins working undercover for the U.S. He’ll also executive produce the pilot, alongside John Wells and Andrew Stearn. Honestly, without further details, Boomerang just sounds like a non-period version of FX’s The Americans, with a seemingly regular family hiding some pretty serious secrets. It seems pretty odd that Fox would want a program that could directly compete with its sister network. However, there should be room for more than one spy and assassin drama on television at a time and we will let you know if Fox decides to move forward with the Boomerang pilot. I’d say it helps the pilot’s chances that Huffman is on board for the endeavor.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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