Is Firestorm Going To Cross Over With Arrow?

Over Arrow’s three seasons, Oliver Queen has gone from a lone operator in Starling City to working with others in his crimefighting crusade, whether it’s an every day thing with Team Arrow or entering into temporary alliances with enemies like Nyssa al Ghul or Malcolm Merlyn. He even teamed up with Barry Allen twice during December’s crossover between Arrow and The Flash. However, thanks to a new photo, the possibility of a crossover between Oliver and The Flash recurring character Firestorm is suddenly on our minds. Are these two about to blaze the trail for the superhero team-up few of us expected?

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Earlier today, Firestorm actor Robbie Amell posted this picture on Instagram of himself alongside his cousin Stephen Amell, who happens to be the star of Arrow. Both are in full costume in the picture. Amell didn’t outright say whether Firestorm would be appearing in a future episode of Arrow, although the caption “Wait. What?!…” implies that Robbie is deliberately teasing fans.

Although Oliver helped Barry take down a metahuman in “Flash vs. Arrow,” so far the only superpowered people that Oliver and his team have faced on Arrow have been juiced up on Mirakuru, although it’s been hinted that there is something supernatural going on with Ra’s al Ghul. Despite originally setting out to be a grounded show, Arrow has slowly been warming up to the more extraordinary elements of comic books, so joining forces with The Nuclear Man doesn’t sound farfetched. Then again, Arrow and The Flash both film in Vancouver. It’s possible the two shows happened to be filming near each other recently, and the cousins decided to get a picture while they were both dressed as their characters. Either way, it's still fun to think about.

Spoilers for The Flash episode “Fallout” are ahead!

After teaming up with Flash to escape General Wade Eiling and the military in “Fallout,” Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein decided it would be best if they left Central City to seek answers for this condition elsewhere and keep their loved ones safe. Martin mentioned that he has a colleague in Pittsburgh who might be able to help them, so presumably that was where they were they flew off to. While the geographical locations of these fictional DC cities haven’t been marked on a map, it’s likely that there’s a fair bit of distance between Central City and Pittsburgh.

While traveling across the country, something might draw Firestorm to Starling City, and his presence draws the attention of Team Arrow. Would this mean we would just see Firestorm, or would we also see Ronnie and Martin separated? It’s too soon to tell, although the Arrow writers would be wasting an opportunity if they didn’t insert a subtle joke about how Oliver and Ronnie resemble each other.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW, while you can catch Arrow Wednesdays at 8/7c on the same channel.

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