First Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

Back when Legends of Tomorrow was first announced, The CW and the show’s producers put together a huge promo to introduce this world to audiences, but it was basically a proof of concept and came before all of the show’s elements were fully established. Season 1 is well into production now, and the first legit trailer has been released, and it looks like this show is going to be wall-to-wall action. Along with enjoyably cheesy dialogue, of course. Check it out!

Hot. Damn. Or Cold Damn, if Captain Cold is more your thing. That trailer looks like the best parts of both Arrow and The Flash, without actually seeing those characters front and center. We’ve got some wild as hell time travel stuff going on, we’ve got a villain that looks completely undefeatable, and a bunch of snazzy-looking special effects and fight sequences. It’s superhero TV at its finest, at least in an admittedly small dose of carefully chosen moments. Still, what’s not to like?

We got our first decent look at big bad Vandal Savage in the promos for the upcoming Arrow/Flash crossover episode hitting The CW next week, but this trailer definitely expanded that introduction. We learn that by 2166, he has taken over the entire world, which is just like a comic book villain, and that he’s been around for a long damned time. Being immortal is probably a good way to take over things, since you basically outlive your opponents every step of the way.

And that’s where time traveler and hero-gatherer Rip Hunter comes into it, as he’s the catalyst behind this super-team coming together. In the future, all of these folks are “legends,” and this is apparently where that status is started. The gang includes Atom, White Canary, Heat Wave, Captain Cold, Hawkgirl, Hawkman and Firestorm. I mean seriously, I could watch stuff like this all day. Grab some marshmallows.


Even though we know most of these characters already, it's downright awesome to watch Atom get into his size-changing antics. Plus, we're just getting used to the idea of Hawkpeople making their way to our TVs, and this trailer helps us understand how cool that's going to be. I don't know if I'll like the characters too much just yet, but watching them do their wing thing should be a visual treat at least.

legends of tomorrow

Matching up with earlier reports, Legends of Tomorrow will definitely be premiering on The CW on Thursday, January 21. Can Rip Hunter pick me up and bring me to that day right quick?

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