First Look At Amber Heard As A Bunny In The Playboy Club

A few weeks ago we told you about Amber Heard’s new TV series The Playboy Club. In case you missed our original heads up, think of it like Mad Men but set in the world of Hugh Heffner’s Playboy empire as it reached its zenith back in the 60s. The NBC pilot follows Heard as a troubled girl from Fort Wayne, who moves to the big city and becomes a Playboy Bunny.

As you’d expect, that means Heard will have to get in one of those silly/sexy 60s Playboy Bunny costumes. And here she is:

That photo was posted by Heard, straight from the set of The Playboy Club on her Facebook page. They’re still filming, but I’m excited. I have a hard time imagining this working on NBC though. Here’s hoping they have the balls to pick it up, or if they don’t, they’ll let it go to one of the AMC-like cable networks with the good sense to put something like this on television.

Josh Tyler