After much speculation and months of talks, it was finally made official that Lindsay Lohan would play the role of Liz Taylor in Lifetime’s biopic Liz & Dick. Next it was a worldwide search for a leading man to play the other half of the title couple, Richard Burton. That ended with the casting of True Blood’s Grant Bowler. Now we’ve finally got the first picture of the two as one of Hollywoods most famous supercouples.

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the great beauties of her day, and Richard Burton one of the most handsome actors on the silver screen. Their tumultuous on-again, off-again romance that included two marriages and some pretty serious drinking problems was a source of both swoons and scandals for the public. Casting any famous face is a challenge, although Lifetime seemed sure from the start that they wanted Lohan, they were certainly cautious about her legal troubles. Burton proved a different challenge, and producers had a bit of trouble getting Lohan to approve her co-star, as well as some trouble finding a Welsh actor to fit the bill. Instead they wound up with New Zealander Grant Bowler.

Not long ago we got our first look at Lindsay as Liz in an unofficial picture. Today Deadline has the first official look at the couple.

It’s just a profile, but it’s an improvement over the previous photo which pretty much looked like Lohan playing dress up for Halloween. As for Bowler, well, we can’t see much of him here, and frankly his resemblance to Burton is somehow less important. Most important may be the apparent chemistry between the two on stage, and much was made of that when Bowler was cast.

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