When Legends Of Tomorrow's Firestorm Situation Will Be Set Up

When speaking to Victor Garber at the Legends of Tomorrow press room during Comic-Con this past weekend, one of the questions addressed is one that's been on fans' minds since we learned of Firestorm's involvement in the CW spinoff. Victor Garber is a lead, which means Martin Stein will be around, serving as one half of the fiery character. But Robbie Amell's Ronnie Raymond is not among the new characters. What gives? Unfortunately, Victor Garber couldn't give us that answer, but he was able to confirm when we'll have it, and it's sooner than you might think!

After expressing his his joy and amusement at getting to work with Robbie Amell, Victor Garber was asked how things would work in Legends of Tomorrow. Here's the exchange...

How is that going to work on Legends of Tomorrow...You tell me.That’s one of my biggest questions.It’s my biggest question and I can tell you this much. It will be resolved and you will see Robbie, but the Firestorm, they’re in the comics, there’s other connections, so we will see how it plays out, but it’s unknown at the moment.

We followed up that answer by asking specifically if he knew if it was going to be set up at all in The Flash, to which Garber responded:

It is in fact definitely going to be set up in The Flash.

The Flash returns in the fall, half a season ahead of Legends of Tomorrow's arrival. It's certainly a prime window of time to offer whatever further set-up is necessary for the Flash characters being spun off, Firestorm included.

When we learned that Canary and one-half of Firestorm would be among the titular Legends in this new spinoff, fans were left to wonder a very basic "how?" The answer to that question, as it relates to Sara Lance, appears to be the Lazarus Pit. Canary was killed off during the last season of Arrow, but the Legends of Tomorrow trailer shows her emerging from the Lazarus Pit, alive and well (relatively speaking). But what about Ronnie?


Not only is Ronnie Caitlin's other half on The Flash, he's Martin's other half as Firestorm. And yet, Robbie Amell is not currently among the series regulars for Legends of Tomorrow. However, the promo has made it very clear that Firestorm will be featured in the series (as opposed to just Martin Stein)...


That goes along with what executive producer Mark Guggenheim cryptically told Screenrant back in May, confirming that Victor Garber is part of the spinoff and then adding:

...We wouldn’t have Martin Stein on the show if there wasn’t going to be some Firestorm.

So, how will that work? Or more specifically, how does Ronnie fit into this situation? Does he fit into that situation? It's possible he'll pop in from time to time, during which time Firestorm could appear, but it seems like that would seriously limit Stein's position among this group of heroes future legends. Is it possible that Legends' Firestorm will be Stein and some other character?


We may not have the "how" to this one, but from what Victor Garber says, it sounds like we'll get some answers on The Flash. As for how soon that'll happen, it remains unclear, though we do know that Victor Garber and Robbie Amell are both set to appear in the Season 2 premiere of The Flash.

Legends of Tomorrow is set to premiere on the CW during Midseason 2016. (Here's what we know so far.) And The Flash will premiere Season 2 on Tuesday, October 6.

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