The Flash: Check Out The Badass Comic Villain That's Coming

The Flash has done a solid job in almost two full seasons of mining DC comics for villains, heroes and general storyline cues, so it’s no surprise that the show will be doing that again soon. Another villain from the DC universe is about to show up before long. And, this new comic villain will have a sort-of connection to one of the stalwart members of team Flash. This new villain? Rupture.

The CW revealed to CinemaBlend today that the Season 2 episode “Rupture,” which will be Episode 20, will feature the villain. According to the official episode synopsis, Zoom makes his way back to Earth-1 and continues his plans for Central City domination, while Cisco vibes an Earth-2 baddie who calls himself Rupture. This evil-doer just so happens to be the Earth-2 doppelgänger of Cisco’s older brother, Dante. Meaning, of course, that he’s also the brother of Cisco’s Earth-2 double, and Zoom cohort, Reverb. And, Rupture is pissed about his little brother’s death, but, instead of trying to take his anger out on Zoom, he heads to Earth-1 for revenge.


In the comics, Rupture is actually one of three Ramon brothers, and is eldest son Armando. When the brothers are attacked during the Parademon Invasion of Earth, it looks like Armando was killed, but the young man was actually transported to Apokolips, which, you know, is bad news. He was then trained to be a soldier and eventually became one of the best and most badass, known for crushing all who fought for freedom on the planet.


Well, this is going to leave team Flash in quite a pickle in a few weeks. Barry will be filling his time trying to take down Zoom once and for all, apparently thanks to a super dangerous new plan, courtesy of Harrison Wells, while also working with the team to stop Rupture. Something else to look forward to in Episode 20 will be the return, finally, of Papa Allen. Barry finally got his dad out of prison after ten years earlier in Season 2, and, while his father did seem grateful, he pulled a disappearing act soon after being released and hasn’t been heard from since. But, in thinking about another, dangerous, fight with Zoom, Barry will seek out the elder Allen for some fatherly advice. You can check out Rupture in action below.

It certainly seems like The Flash will be pulling out all the family stops for this episode. You can check out Episode 20, “Rupture,” when it airs on May 3 on The CW.

Adrienne Jones
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