The Flash Will Introduce A New Power In Season 2, Get The Details

Barry Allen’s working on a new ability, and at the press roundtables at Comic-Con in San Diego, The Flash star Grant Gustin offered up some details about when we’ll get to see it, as well as a clue about what this new ability involves.

What’s the Scarlet Speedster up to in Season 2? For one thing, he’s working with a new mentor, and for another, he’s working on a new ability, which Grant Gustin says will be featured in the second episode of Season 2:

I mentioned he’ll have a new mentor in Season 2. In the second episode they’re already working together and in the second episode, Barry does something new with his powers that is really exciting to me. We’ve never done it before. It’s pretty different than anything else we’ve done.

We asked for a clue, and Gustin offered up this one morsel…

It involves lightning.

He didn’t elaborate beyond that, but it’s an interesting clue, especially when we consider the signature lightning bolt on The Flash’s costume, not to mention the circumstances surrounding his abilities.

In Season 1, in addition to demonstrating super-speed, strength, reflexes and cellular regeneration, Barry eventually took his abilities to the next level by controlling airflow to create a speed vacuum, pass through solid objects by vibrating the cells in his body at the same frequency as air, and of course, time traveling. It seems there’s even more to The Flash’s super abilities than we’ve seen so far, which doesn’t come as a surprise, but it certainly gives us more reason to anticipate the CW drama’s return in the fall. We’ll see what Barry’s working on in the second episode of Season 2, but it’s possible CW’s promos for the show’s sophomore run will offer some clues about whatever it is.

In the meantime, as Gustin said, Barry has a new mentor in Season 2. But what of his former mentor? Tom Kavanagh will be back and around in Season 2, but it doesn’t sound like he’ll be crossing paths with Barry early on. From what Gustin had to say…

Wells and Barry won’t be interacting at all, right out of the gate. Wells is on the show, but we’re introducing the multiverse concept so that’s why he still exists somewhere.

That’s as specific as he got on that topic, however factoring in Wells/Eobard Thawne’s fate at the end of the first season, the mention of the multiverse isn’t all that surprising here. But it’s interesting to note that, while Tom Kavanagh’s character will be around at some point in Season 2 of The Flash, Barry won’t be crossing paths with him right away.

The Flash returns Tuesday, October 6 on The CW.

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