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The Flash Trailer: Watch The New Firestorm In Action For The First Time

One of the bigger mysteries of The Flash in the last two episodes involves Dr. Martin Stein, who just bursts into blue flames for no apparent reason now that he no longer has Ronnie Raymond as his other Firestorm half. But things might be cleared up in next week’s episode, as a new recruit takes over Ronnie’s spot. Check out Jax Jackson getting his flame on in the trailer below.

Yes! I am all about Franz Drameh as the new Nuclear Man, and he looks pretty damned spiffy in the part. We don’t really know too much about his everyday identity, other than his skills as an auto mechanic. From the trailer, we can see that he gets brought into the S.T.A.R. Labs team as someone who is a match for whatever can fix Stein – and not only do we hear them say this, but we get that nifty computer visual from a program that looks like it’s only used to find matches for Stein’s health problems.

Of course, Jax’s road from grease monkey to superhero probably isn’t the easiest one, and there is definitely at least one detractor who has a major problem with him taking over the Firestorm half-mantle. As is shown in the final seconds of the trailer, Demore Barnes’ Henry Hewitt will also make his first appearance in the Flash CW universe, and he’s got major issues with Jax’s new identity. While he’s initially brought into the story by Caitlin to assist the S.T.A.R. Labs team, it looks like it doesn’t take long for Henry to inject himself with the Firestorm mojo, which makes him able to start tossing out flames without needing another person to attach to. We’re wondering if he’s going to call himself Tokamak, or if Cisco is going to somehow come up with that oddball title himself.

For Halloween this year, I think I want to be “New Version of Firestorm Turning Around Menacingly While Cisco Looks Nervous In The Background.”


“The Fury of Firestorm” will be introducing us to a new fire-headed hero, and that’s definitely exciting, but we’re hoping to learn a little bit more about the new Harrison Wells and Jay Garrick, too. And it wouldn’t hurt to actually get more than three seconds of this season’s big bad Zoom. Somebody ought to light a fire under the creative team’s ass about that. Oh, I know just the guy!

The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW.

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