The Flash: You Weren't The Only One Shocked About Barry's Dad

Throughout Season 1, it seemed like Barry Allen’s main goal in life was getting his father Henry out of jail in a way that both avenged Nora Allen’s death and proved that Henry didn’t kill her. That entire motivation got cleared up in the Season 2 premiere when Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne posthumously confessed to killing Barry’s mother in a video. Henry’s first action as a free main was telling Barry that he was skipping town, and if you thought you were the only person mind-boggled by such a strange decision, some of the show’s cast is here to share in your confusion.

It’s obvious for some surprise-heavy shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead that the creative team doesn’t let their stars in on all the secrets, and The Flash is no different. But Henry Allen ditching his loving son and going far away doesn’t read in quite the same spoiler-ish way as someone’s death, so it’s strange that stars Grant Gustin and Jesse L. Martin have no real clue why Henry is gone all of a sudden. Here’s what Gustin says.

First of all, I was shocked that happened that quickly, like a lot of viewers were. It was like, ‘I’m out! Gotta go!’…Barry was not really understanding why, but trying to just give it to him and be supportive of him needing space, I guess, even though it’s kind of confusing to Barry. He’s not sure if he’s supposed to reach out or not right now, but he’ll be there again when Barry needs him.

Will he really need him, though? Considering Barry spent most of his life in the care of Joe West, the only thing he ever really needed Henry to do was show up in the prison’s visitation room. Sure, having his dad believe in him and accept his new superpowers was great and all, but that wasn’t anything that Henry could do exclusively. So will there ever be a situation when Barry actually needs Henry for some specific reason?

Gustin speculated to TVLine that Barry and Henry are still close (somehow), but that they’re talking less than ever before. And while much respect goes to him for giving fictional respect to his dad, Martin’s response is much closer to how most fans probably felt.

I’m still grappling with the fact that the dude just left. I don’t get it. You’re finally free to have a relationship with your son, and he felt like he had to leave. I don’t know how much me, Jesse, understands that decision.

Now, this is a show that is planning on bringing dead characters back to life, so re-introducing one that just ducked out selfishly won’t take much written wiggle room. Maybe Earth 2 Harrison Wells will be responsible for getting him back, or maybe when Mark Hamill returns for the Christmas episode, he’ll once again force Barry’s hand by putting Henry in danger.

However it goes, Henry has got some ‘splaining to do when he returns, presumably covered in strip club glitter and smelling like a barrel of whiskey.

Nick Venable
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