Flight Of The Conchords Reunite For Charity Song Feel Inside And Stuff Like That

The long and storied history of Flight of the Conchords continues as members Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, sorry, Academy Award winner Bret McKenzie (for his musical work on The Muppets) have reunited for a good cause. Well, any time the pair gets together it’s for a good cause - us laughing - but this time the money actually is going to charity, specifically to help sick children as part of Red Nose Day New Zealand 2012.

The Conchords have conquered many mediums, from BBC radio to HBO television, but now they are turning their talents to YouTube with a new track called ”Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That).” And on top of the pretty amazing (parody of a) charity song, there’s a solid ten minutes before the singing starts which plays out like a mini-episode of the former TV series. Meaning, we get some Rhys Darby as Murray. Present? Oh, and you don’t want to skip the part where Clement and McKenzie interview a bunch of children in order to find the right lyrics. Lostpital.

Conchords were asked to write what turned out to be, ”Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That)” for CureKids and for more details on how to donate, download the song (or both), head over to the video’s description. The song was recorded at Roundhead Studios in Auckland and features numerous New Zealand artists; Dave Dobbyn, Brooke Fraser, Sam Scott & Luke Buda (The Phoenix Foundation), Savage (& Crew), Young Sid - Sid Diamond, PNC, Zowie, Ruby Frost, Kids of 88, Rikki Morris, Moana Maniapoto, Nathan King, Maitereya, Victoria Girling-Butcher, Elizabeth Marvelly, Peter Urlich and Massad.