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The Following Season 2 Sneak Peek Teases Ryan Hardy's Secret Obsession

“Oh the surface, he’s really keeping it together,” Kevin Bacon says, speaking about his character Ryan Hardy in the new sneak peek for The Following Season 2. “But in the darker corridors of his psyche, maybe not so much.” It makes sense in a way. Joe Carroll’s follows aren’t the most mentally stable people. Maybe following him, either as a fan or — in Hardy’s case — a foe, requires access to the darker corridors of a person’s psyche.

This video follows the release of some character photos, which get a bit more spoilery than the above video. I’m actually very intrigued by the state of Ryan Hardy, as his mental and physical state played a key role in last season. This time around, it looks like he has his act together on the surface, but acting as a sort of vigilante in his spare time. That should be interesting.

James Purefoy’s villainous character Joe Carroll is presumed to be dead, though the reality of that situation may prove otherwise. Regardless, what we do know is that Carroll has a lot of followers willing to kill or die for him if necessary. It looks like they may involved in some kind of attack or attacks on the subway. Scary stuff, especially from what we saw in the quick flashes at the start of the video. But that’s The Following, twisted, violent and dramatic. Here's a shot of Connie Nielsen, who may have gotten on the wrong train:


And it looks like Joe Carroll's followers may be responsible after all. Check out the mask on this guy...

Joe mask

Those who want to get caught up on the series, or need a refresher have multiple options to watch the first season ahead of the Season 2 premiere. Fox released this video last month to let people know how they can view the series On Demand:

And you can catch all of Season 1 of The Following on Netflix.

Fox is set to air a preview of The Following Season 2 on Sunday, January 19 after the NFC Championship game. After that, the series will premiere Monday, January 27 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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