Fox's Lucifer Trailer Is Deadly And Wickedly Amusing

Just a few days after officially getting a series order, Lucifer has dropped its first trailer, giving audiences a good idea of what to expect from Fox’s next trip to the world of comic books. How “good” that idea really is will be up to those watching. Check it out below.

My first impression is that it looks like one of the more enjoyably ghastly procedurals the Fox has ever gotten invested in. The fact that it’s miles away from its source material is definitely disconcerting, but there’s probably no way the Vertigo series could ever get a proper adaptation for network TV. So it’s best just to think of it as a series with only the loosest ties possible to its comic origins.


Lucifer will be Welsh actor Tom Ellis’ biggest break yet here in the U.S., following a lead role on USA’s Rush and a part as Robin Hood on Once Upon a Time. He plays Lucifer Morningstar, the former ruler of Hades who opts out of the afterlife and heads to a place with just as much sin and debauchery: Los Angeles. After he lives through a drive-by murder, he begins helping the NYPD on a quest to punish the criminals. To give them hell, if you will.

Lucifer will mainly be partnered up with homicide detective Chloe Dance, played by Chicago Fire’s Lauren German. Judging from the promo, particularly the scene with Rachel Harris’ psychiatrist, Chloe doesn’t appear to be too interested in how Lucifer does his job, although her fascination with his demonic ways will almost certainly grow as the season goes on. Even if he has to “talk” her into it.


Also, it’s not as if you can just leave Hell and have everyone allow it without repercussions. D.B. Woodside joins the action as Amenadiel, an angel that pops up in to try and convince Lucifer to head back to the underworld. That doesn’t seem likely to happen, unless Fox decides to cancel Season 1 and the writers are able to script the final episode with that knowledge. This preview was presumably taken completely from the Len Wiseman-directed pilot episode, and at this point, Lucifer’s glowing eyes and Amenadiel’s giant wingspan were the only real clues that this show actually delves into supernatural stuff, but I’m hoping things get weirder as it goes on.

Developed by Californication creator Tom Kapinos, Lucifer is set to hit Fox’s schedule in January 2016. What did you guys think of the cheeky trailer?

Nick Venable
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