Rush Trailer Has Tom Ellis Playing A Resourceful Medical Fixer

Dr. William Rush is among the newest characters arriving at USA this summer. Tom Ellis plays the title role in Jonathan Levine's drama about a "medical fixer" who takes care of the often urgent medical needs of Los Angeles' elite. Of course, Rush's services don't come cheap, but no one said quality and discretion does. The new trailer begins with Dr. Rush ushering an inebriated woman toward the emergency room while assuring her it's a new club. And later we see him preparing to assist a man who broke his something.

USA hasn't released much information about the supporting characters in the series, but those relationships related to the job will likely play a factor in the ongoing plot of the show. And the trailer gives us a glimpse of that.

Armed with braininess, resourcefulness and charm, Rush is said to be a hard-partying doctor, and he claims he doesn't pass judgment on his clients. But he's not immune to the ugliness he tends to encounter in his line of work. The above trailer follows the previously released 30-second spot, which emphasizes Rush's policy to treat the people who pay.

So is it all about the money? It's probably safe to assume that personal investment plays a part, or it will sooner or later. It'll be great to see how Tom Ellis tackles this character, and just as great to see how the character fits in among USA's evolving slate of quirky leads. And as a fan of Jonathan Levine's feature work -- Warm Bodies and The Wackness included -- I'm eager to see what the director brings to the small screen with Rush.

Rush premieres Thursday, July 17 at 9/8c on USA. USA also has their new drama Satisfaction lined up to debut on July 17, airing immediately after Rush. The series stars Matt Passmore and Stephanie Szostak as a married couple facing the question "What do you do when having it all is not enough?" Check out the new trailer for that one below:

But the summer season begins a bit sooner than that for the cable network, as Royal Pains returns June 10, Covert Affairs premieres June 24, and then there's Suits and Graceland, both of which return June 11.

Kelly West
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