The Fuller House Character We're Getting More Of In Season 2

Although Fuller House probably doesn’t need to get any fuller, news broke this morning that a cast member from Season 1 will be back in a bigger role in Season 2. Thankfully, it’s not either of D.J.’s two beaus. Instead, it’s Ashley Liao, the adorable tween who popped up in a few episodes of Season 1. Need a refresher? You can check her out, below.

Ashley Liao

This week, we learned Liao will pop up in more than one or two episodes in Season 2, despite also recurring on the Amazon series The Kicks. In fact, Deadline notes she's nabbed a regular role on the upcoming season, which means we should be seeing her a lot. Although Season 1 did have plenty of plots related to the kids, including the fact that D.J.’s son, Jackson, had a crush on Ashley Liao’s character Lola, a lot of the show was about the adults on the series and the challenges they were facing. If Lola is going to be around more in Season 2, that could indicate that plotlines with the kids could continue to be more prominent on Fuller House.

Honestly, Lola has been billed as Kimmy’s daughter Ramona’s friend first and Jackson’s romantic interest second. I’m not sure if the romance potential or the friendship will be the bigger part of Lola’s Season 2 arc, but I will say that Fuller House could do worse than having a new Kimmy Gibbler type of character who wanders into the house whenever she wants and eats all of the food. The kids so far have sort-of paralleled their parents' antics from the original series. Ramona is actually Kimmy’s daughter, so she does partially fulfill that role. Plus, one could argue that Lola dresses less oddly than Gibbler so they aren't a direct parallel; still, adding a friend into the regular cast is not the worst idea I’ve ever heard.

Although Fuller House was skewered by reviewers when it came out, a lot of audiences seemed interested in watching a throwback comedy that could be enjoyed by the whole family. Keeping this in mind, it wasn’t a huge surprise when Netflix signed on for a second season of the drama. Since new episodes just hit the schedule in January, it could be a while before we do eventually get new episodes of Fuller House. While we wait for the subscription streaming service's big Season 2 premiere announcement, we'll keep you updated on any news related to the series. In addition, check out what we know about Fuller House Season 2.

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