Watch John Stamos Read Harsh Fuller House Reviews

Fuller House has enchanted enough Netflix subscribers that it made it easy for the streaming service to order a second season of the comedy. However, that doesn’t mean everyone has been super enamored with the new show. In fact, many critics were decidedly unkind in their reviews of Fuller House. Last night, Late Night with Seth Meyers addressed the fact when Meyers and John Stamos read some really terrible Fuller House reviews, responding as they went. Watch the hilarity, below.

In the video, the two men sit down and read reviews that compare Fuller House to things like “necrophilia” and “porn paradies,” the latter of which Seth Meyers jokes is actually a compliment. This reading of reviews eventually delves into a mention of the actually porn parody Full Holes that was released right around the time Netflix made Fuller House available. Things start to get a little weird right around the porn talk, but I like the sassy attitude John Stamos is throwing out as he encounters bad review after bad review. In fact, at one point his response to a review is this:

How fucking rude!

I’d like to say late night dropped an f-bomb, but since these things are taped earlier in the day, he is bleeped this time. Still, that take on Stephanie's big catchphrase is both fitting and really funny.

Although I think most people would argue that John Stamos is one of the best parts of Fuller House and none of these reviews are bad statements that are directed at the actor, you have to assume that it’s rough to be a part of something that other people don’t believe in. John Stamos was the guy who was championing a Full House reunion way back before Fuller House became a reality. He is one of the big reasons Fuller House came to fruition, so it’s clear he cares about the show and wants to see it succeed.

It also doesn’t help that the Full House franchise in general has been critically panned for years. Critics hated the show when it was out in the eighties and most critics still seem to hate the series now. But that hasn’t slowed down Fuller House one iota. In fact, it only took Netflix five days to announce the new comedy would be returning for Season 2. That renewal came a lot faster than most—but not all—TV shows.

Currently, Season 1 of Fuller House is now streaming on Netflix. You can find out what else the subscription streaming service has coming up, here. In addition, Late Night with Seth Meyers airs weeknights at 12:35 p.m. ET on NBC.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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