Game Of Thrones Is Apparently Making Cersei And Jaime's Relationship Even Wilder

We’re just over a month away from Game of Thrones taking over our attention spans and conversations for the majority of the spring. And when it gets here, it will apparently usher in a new era of cringing over the too-close-for-comfort relationship between siblings Cersei and Jaime Lannister, which is apparently heading even further down the taboo highway. Here’s how star Lena Headey described it.

Her relationship with Jaime is at an all-time weird level.

Not the kind of quote that raises eyebrows too high when one is considering 95% of all relationships on TV, but it definitely sparks a morbid interest when used to describe one where the defining element is a history of incest that led to the birth of three children, with one of those bastards being the worst person in history. That alone has already gone beyond merely weird, leaping off the charts completely and locking itself in a closet with all of the other Lannister skeletons.

One would think that Cersei would want to avoid anything resembling weird with Jaime after going through her walk of shame and hearing people screaming “brotherfucker” at her. Not the easiest insult to whimsically brush off. But she hasn’t seen him since he took off on a mission to rescue their daughter Myrcella, and she just went through one of the worst ordeals of her life, so any comfortable and blood-related port in a storm, I guess. Here’s the first look that HBO put out of the pair a while back.


Based on this image and her quote, I’m going to make the blind guess that the “weird” thing involves Jaime gluing his left hand to Cersei’s neck so that he’s unable to grasp anything for the rest of his life. It will probably not be related to that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that idea sparked lots of totally deep conversations in the writers room.

Lena Headey, who adds to the recent Season 6 boasts by calling this season’s episodes “juicy” and “fucking dark,” also shared with EW a bit more about how Cersei’s story will go.

It’s probably her most interesting season. She really has nothing to lose and she has everything to gain from a horrible position she finds herself in.

Is that position “all fours with her sweaty brother right behind her?” She’s probably talking more about where she is in life and how she’s going to get wild in her feuds, so watch out, Margaery. A reckless mother-in-law is never a good thing.

Game of Thrones Season 6 will premiere in a huge way on HBO on Sunday, April 24. Maybe watch it with members of your family that you have weird secrets with. Maybe don’t. It’s your life.

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