The Gilmore Girls Revival Just Added Another One Of Rory's Boyfriends

In the past nine years, many of us have been through at least one romantic relationship, with some lucky enough to find the right person, and others not quite as fortunate. Gilmore Girls fans are no doubt desperate to find out where Rory Gilmore falls on that list, and Netflix’s upcoming revival continues to toy with our emotions, as Milo Ventimiglia has been confirmed to return as the bad boy Jess Mariano. That’s two out of three!

Gilmore Girls was Milo Ventimiglia’s first big TV break, endearing him to millions of viewers while stoking the ire of millions of others. Jess is Luke’s nephew, and shares a lot of the diner owner’s gruff exterior, but while Luke is a weathered member of the outside world, Jess is mostly rebellious due to a poor relationship with his mother and an absence of a father. But that was when he was a teenager being shipped around, and we have no idea what’s become of him in the past decade or so. Did he capitalize on his art-minded influences or did he let his apathy win over?

Alls I’m saying is, you best not try to take Rory down with you, Mariano.

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It’s unclear how big of a role Jess will play in the four-episode return of Gilmore Girls, but considering each episode is geared toward a single season, we can probably expect him to be around for just one of those. Unless he and Rory rekindle old fires, that is. Someone should keep a firehose around, just in case. (#TeamDeanTheEarlyYears!)

Milo Ventimiglia’s participation came in an announcement that also confirmed an appearance from Liza Weil as Paris Geller, as well as Matt Czuchry’s return as Logan Huntzberger, Rory’s latter-day flame. We will also definitely be seeing Yanic Truesdale back again as the hilarious and ego-driven Michel. Other characters we’ll get more of are Lauren Graham’s Lorelai (naturally), Scott Patterson’s Luke Danes, Kelly Bishop’s Emily Gilmore, Keiko Agena’s Lane Kim and Sean Gunn’s Kirk Gleason. Melissa McCarthy’s Sookie St. James is still unconfirmed, but it seems likely deals will be made to get her in there. And the show will obviously address Edward Herrmann’s death in the story.

It’s no big surprise that Ventimiglia is onboard for Gilmore Girls coming back. Jess remains a major character in fans’ minds, and the actor has been all over television in the years after he left the show, most notably in Heroes. (Though not that series’ revival, oddly enough.) He was most recently one of the stars of the shortlived ABC drama The Whispers, and made appearances on episodes of The League, Gotham and the web series Con Man.

There’s still no sign of when Gilmore Girls will hit Netflix, but you can go back and relive the Rory & Jess era on the streaming service any time you want. And now we wait with bated breath for Jared Padalecki to sign on.

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