How The Gilmore Girls Revival Will Address Richard's Death

The Netflix Gilmore Girls reboot is one of the most highly anticipated television series that will be released this year. The show has a rabid fanbase, and it still runs on syndication daily. While fans of the quirky comedy were pleased to hear that they would be returning to Stars Hollow, it is clear that one major part of Gilmore Girls would be missing: Richard Gilmore. The patriarch of the family will be noticeably absent since actor Edward Herrmann lost a battle to brain cancer in 2014. Now the question is: how will Gilmore Girls address and honor both Richard and Edward’s passing? Series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino recently opened up about how the show will tackle this tragedy:

It’s later in their lives and we’re meeting up with them and finding out what they’ve been doing but, more than that, that all three of their lives are going to change. And for Emily, it had to be that Richard was gone. And what did that mean? What does it mean for all three of the girls? [A tragedy like that] brings up thoughts of, “Where am I? Where am I going? What am I doing?” Because it’s mortality. Something they loved is gone, which means things you love will not be around forever. And you can’t take them for granted.

It looks like this is going to be a case of art imitating life, which is probably for the best. The cast of Gilmore Girls was devastated when Edward Herrmann passed, especially since he hadn’t been public about his struggle with illness. While members of his family knew of his battle, the world as a whole wasn’t aware that they should be possibly saying goodbye to the actor. Most likely, the cast will be able to use their very real emotions when Gilmore Girls returns and addresses Richard’s passing.

Speaking to the world of Gilmore Girls, we’ve seen the character of Richard Gilmore have a few health scares throughout the original seven seasons. These health issues were almost bookends to the series, as he was hospitalized in the first season for angina and then suffered a serious heart attack in the final season. Both of these incidents caused the three Gilmore ladies to panic and reevaluate their current life choices.

Most importantly, Emily Gilmore was on the edge of a nervous breakdown during Richard’s scares. Emily and Richard’s relationship was dissected a few times during Gilmore Girls, and it was clear just how dependent they were on each other. Emily feared for her ability to function in the world without Richard’s presence, and now it appears that these fears are about to become reality in the Netflix limited series.

Amy Sherman-Palladino further explained, in her interview with TV Line, how the first episode of the revival will mirror the pilot. The three Gilmore girls found themselves at a precipice in their respective lives during the first episode. It now seems that this will be the case again, and Emily’s journey will be revolving around her life without Richard. This seems like a job for Lorelai, who will be able to show her mother how living an adult life without the presence of a man is not only possible, but rewarding and fun.

We’ll continue to update you about the Netflix Gilmore Girls reboot as information becomes public.

Corey Chichizola
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