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This season of Glee feels like the season that keeps on ending. Between prom and nationals, it already feels like we've seen the Season 3 finale. And yet, there's still one more episode to go. This one makes it clear that it's the end as the Season 3 closer is titled "Goodbye" and will feature the much anticipated graduation for some of the characters. The episode also includes a guest appearance by Latin pop star Gloria Estefan.

Turn-it-up! Turn-it-up! Turn-it-upside-down!

Ms. Estefan will appear in tonight's episode playing Santana's mother. Below are a couple of pictures of her appearance.

Either Santana's wearing some serious heels or she got her height from Dad's side of the family. I'm less interested in the noticeable height difference as I am in seeing what kind of relationship Santana has with her mother. We know she was close with her grandmother until she revealed to her that she was gay. Does her mother know the details of Santana's close relationship with Britney? And does she approve? Or will that be an unaddressed issue in this episode?

We'll find out tonight when the episode airs at 9:00 p.m. ET on Fox following the final performance episode of American Idol.

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