Glee Watch: Season 5, Episode 13 Watch: New Directions

Gleeks, last night was Glee's 100th episode Part 2. We had a lot of plot action in this episode from graduation to the Glee Club/New Directions being definitely kaput. Let's recap, shall we?

Glee Club is Officially Over

Well, Gleeks Sue Sylvester has officially won, and I think she realizes her victory is bittersweet. Who will she fight with now? And who else was surprised that Sue lined up a job interview for Schuester? Hmm will Schuester cross over to the dark side and work with Vocal Adrenaline? I don't think so. The more likely scenario is Schuester heading to NYC and ending up on Broadway with Rachel and the gang. Let's be honest, Schue is this group's Mr. Feeney (Boy Meets World shout out), and he will follow those kids wherever they go.

Relationship Updates

We learned that Puck and Quinn are indeed a couple now, and Brittany and Santana are giving it a go again. Whoo hoo! And Rachel and Santana have mended their tenuous friendship thanks to Santana dropping out as Rachel's understudy.

Tina's Friends Moment

Someone might want to give Tina a brain scan because she has been getting knocked in the head a lot lately. In a random moment in this episode, Tina is knocked out and imagines herself as Rachel from the hit show Friends. It was pretty funny especially Sam who played the "Joey" character to the hilt.


The younger members of the original cast (and Sam and Blaine) graduated last night. Who else teared up when Becky was called to the stage? That moment between Sue and Becky was so sweet. And I was surprised to see Brittany got to walk too.

Everyone is Going to NYC

Gleeks, now that graduation is over it looks like the whole gang (except for the ones who haven't graduated a.k.a. the newbies) is going to NYC. Well, except for Tina who got into Brown.

I don't know for sure but I think it's safe to say that those cast members who didn't graduate won't be appearing next season, unless Puck shows up and gets a visit from Jake. Sorry Marley, Ryder and the rest of the crew. I'm especially going to miss Unique's vocal chops. Gleeks, I think the final season of Glee is going to be original cast heavy, sorta an homage to when 90210 transitioned from high school to college.

Favorite Song of the Night

It was a tie between Holly's "Party All the Time" and the throwback Glee signature song "Don't Stop Believing." I also loved the intro video dedicated to Schue's unborn child. Aw.

LOL Moments

April and Holly's post-save the glee club plans to run off together. Also Artie hitting on Holly. Sorry Kitty, seems like your relationship is easily disposable when Ms. Holliday is around.

Memorable Quotes

Sam: “You guys got married and adopted Russian twin babies!”

Puck: "That sweater's legit."

Holly: "We can go to the hockey team! We can do 'Glee on Ice.'"

Sue: "I have before me a buttload of angry letters from members of the animal husbandry club, their parents, Dayton local politicians, the National Autism Association as well as One Million Moms. Although in actuality there aren’t a million of them. There’s really only 100,000 but each and every one of them is an uptight bitch."

Puck: "Well, once you’ve seen a baby come out of girl’s magic garden everything else is easily acceptable."

Schue: "Glee Club is officially over. Thank you guys. It’s been an honor."

Music featured

"I Am Changing"

"Party All the Time"

"Loser Like Me"

"Just Give Me a Reason"

"Don't Stop Believing"

Gleeks, next week it's a NYC centric episode. Everyone is evolving to a new life in the big city, and Sam kicks it off with a major haircut. See you next week!