Glee Watch Season 5, Episode 14: New New York

Gleeks, last night's Glee fast forwarded to a couple months after graduation. Now most of the gang is in NYC. Kurt and Blaine are living together, Rachel is a Broadway star, Sam is a coach potato, and Mercedes is recording East Coast style. So how are our Gleeks adjusting? Well, some better than others. Let's recap, shall we?

The Gang Is All Here...Well, Most of Them

Gleeks, it's like McKinley without the high school and Mr. Schue and Sue. Now joining Kurt, Rachel and Santana in NYC are Mercedes, Artie, Sam and Blaine. Everyone appears to be growing up but some are experiencing some growing pains.

Blurt Cohabitating With Sam

With Rachel moved out, and Santana currently on the Island of Lesbos with Brittany, Kurt was lacking roommates: enter Blaine and Sam.

Unfortunately Sam is in a bit of a slump and without any modeling gigs, he is permanently glued to the couch a'la Gilbert Grape's mother minus the chic moo moo.

Meanwhile Kurt is unintentionally being smothered by Blaine who just wants to catch up with Kurt.

By the end of the episode Blurt decides to live separately in order to save their relationship; and Sam moves out too. Guess where Blaine and Sam end up? Living with Mercedes. This could get interesting especially with the sexual tension between Mercedes and Sam. Mercedes may not want to go there, but after a late night of recording and some wine who knows, especially on this show.

Sam Cuts His Hair

After some helpful advice from Blaine, Sam decides to chop off his ponytail and start over fresh. Immediately he begins booking modeling gigs because really who can resist his trouty pout. Things seem to be going well until he encounters a pill popping model and realizes living in a shared model house isn't for him. Good for you, Sam!

Artie Gets Mugged

Poor Artie. He's rolling along having a great time and bam! He gets mugged by a guy on crutches. That scene seriously reminded me of The Sticky/Wet Bandits from Home Alone. That guy could have been Marv's brother. Anyway, later Artie gets his revenge with some pepper spray and recovers his property from the hoarding thief.

Rachel is a Broadway Star

Naturally Rachel takes being a star to the extreme until she gets a reality check from Artie that she is out of touch. Rachel decides to ditch the towncar (it's not a limo!) and start accompanying Artie on the subway.

Favorite Song of the Night

Another awesome duet with Starchild and Kurt covering "Rockstar." However I'd like to see another pairing with Starchild and Rachel in the near future. Still loving their rendition of "Barracuda."

LOL Moments

The scene with Kurt, Blaine and Artie and the SodaStream. This one-liner made me crack up: "Do you have to use the SodaStream right now? Artie's in a very fragile state."

Memorable Quotes

Rachel: "It’s a towncar, not a limousine. A towncar"

Blaine: "Just like Pippin, I’m going to find my very own corner of the sky."

Rachel: "Are those meyer lemons? I can’t have that."

Sam: "Did somebody die in here?"

Kurt: "Artie was mugged in the subway and now it’s like an episode of SVU over here."

Rachel: "What, I’m texting my publicist...That was a joke!"

Music featured


"You Make Me Feel So Young"


"Best Day of My Life"

"Don't Sleep in the Subway"


Gleeks, brace yourselves because next week appears to be the episode where Kurt gets beat up when intervening with a hate crime. See you next week!